Saturday, May 3, 2008

2 Big Steps for Chicago This Week

This week Chicago saw two environmental announcements that are worth noting - one is the big news that the city will be investing in BRT (bus rapid transit) and the other that the Blue Bag program is being scrapped to be replaced by recycling bins. The BRT announcement grows from a side trip that Mayor Daley took last year - while visiting the Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro he and aides went south to the state of Parana to visit Curitiba. (See the panels that Carmen and I created on Curitiba here.) But will the city tap into the expertise of the nonprofit sector in launching this initiative? Will the city plan the new system well - and have the where-with-all to tweak it if the launch is less than successful? The city's oft-criticized Blue Bag program, created in 1995, will have few mourners. Lots of Chicagoans await a system that actually works!

See Tribune pieces on both announcements here:,0,7671628,iphone.story,0,722263.story

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