Sunday, March 22, 2009

Two Critical Takes on 'Greening' of Chicago

Several interesting and quite different pieces question the city's dedication to a sustainable future.
Tribune environmental reporter Michael Hawthorne has a piece in this morning's paper looking at the commitment by City Hall back in 2001 to reduce dependence on traditional energy, and the little progress made since. See it at,0,6177898.story.

"But more than two years after the deadline he set, the city continues to get nearly all of its power from coal, natural gas and nuclear plants, according to records obtained by the Tribune."

And Chitown Daily News has an interview with urban historian Harold Platt of Loyola University Chicago.

"On biodiversity, Daley is doing pretty good, but then take something like transportation ... With the air pollution from cars and congestion, I think it’s a miserable failure. Where has Daley been in terms of promoting public transportation? Even the Olympic committee said that’s been one of the city’s worst failings, public transit. So it’s not just lefty green tree-huggers, even outside, the world committee has been looking at Rio, Madrid, and we don’t measure up."

To see Chitown's interview, go to,23953

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